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Body Contouring

If your goals are to build muscle tone or permanently remove stubborn body fat The GOOD SKIN Beauty Bar offers body contouring services to address any area. Body contouring treatments are best suited for clients who are within 25 pounds of their ideal body weight.

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Cryoslimming Fat Freezing

$300.00 + per area

Cryoslimming permenantly and painlessly removes unwanted fat but unlike Cryosculpting, any area of the body can be treated regardless of how little fat is being removed. Fine tuning and sculpting is possible from double chin to bra rolls, to arm fat, knees and ankles. Multiple sessions are typically needed to achieve final results and quantity depends on how much fat is being removed. Results are permanent.



$300.00 + per area

Cryosculpting is the same technology as the branded Coolsculpting. This service is best for areas that have at least 2 inches of pinchable fat. Treated area is drawn into the vacuum head and brought down to the precise temperature to permanently destroy fat cells through cryolipolysis. The body works to flush out the dead fat cells over the next few days to weeks. Multiple sessions can be needed depending on your starting point and your end goals. Final results are seen after 3 months and are permanent.

EMS Body Toning

$200.00 per area

Electromagnetic Stimulation brings 100% muscle engagement into play to tone and build muscle tissue much more efficiently than exercise can. Lifted glutes, defined abs, toned arms and legs can be achieved after a few sessions of relaxing treatments. This treatment burns fat and tones muscles. Fat burning technology can be turned on or off depending on the desired results of the treatment area. Sessions are painless and comfortable. Multiple sessions are typically required. Final results last up to 6 months.

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