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Specialty Facial Treatments

The treatments, modalities and products I offer in my practice are intentionally selected based on their effectiveness, safety and personal success. The best part is, they all work beautifully together.

Customized Facials


My customized facials are tailored for your specific skin needs and issues. Each results driven treatment is carefully designed to help address issues such as acne, redness, sensitive skin, aging, pigmentation and compromised barrier issues.

Beauty Cream

Microcurrent Lifting Treatment


Microcurrent is amazing! This treatment uses gentle electric current that mimics the natural current found in our body to stimulate and lift the muscles and skin while smoothing out and relaxing tight facial muscles that cause creases and wrinkles. Microcurrent produces ATP in the skin and muscles which is the energy source needed by every cell to allow quick, healthy turnover. This brightens and smooths the skin giving a youthful look. Results are immediate and with regular visits the cumulative effects offer preventative measures.


Cryo Glow Facial Treatment


The Cryo Glow Facial uses cryo technology to deliver remarkable results. The specifically controlled temperatures bring the skin into the exact range that kills acne bacteria, builds collagen and promotes healing to the skin without harming the facial fat. This refreshing facial treatment lifts and smooths and is wonderful for acne and rosacea.


Plaxel Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening

$300.00 and up

Genuine plasma technology is the most effective modality for skin smoothing, lifting and tightening. Best for light to moderate wrinkles and creases as well as hyperpigmentation, scars and large pores. Plasma builds collagen with zero risk of melting facial fat, unlike other heat modalities.


Celluma Light Therapy LED

Stand alone session with cleansing, exfoliation, 30 min Celluma Treatment followed with moisturizer and SPF.
$60.00 (45 min)

LED stands for light emitting diodes. Light therapy sessions with the Celluma saturate the skin with healing, glowey light. Our skin needs red light just as plants need sunlight. Red light is anti inflammatory, promotes healing and collagen production, resets the cells that produce too much pigmentation and helps the body break down scar tissue so that healthy cells can replace it. Blue light kills acne bacteria and helps heal acne scars and near infrared light goes deep into the dermis to stimulate cell growth and help encourage the growth of new healthy cells. The Celluma offers all these wavelengths of light for a deeply therapeutic light therapy treatment.


Defuzz Glow Up Treatment

Add this upgrade to any facial service 

It's like dermaplaning but way less harsh and non damaging to the skin. This delicate treatment does what it says. It removes the fuzz from your face. What it doesn't do is remove vital layers of stratum corneum that are needed to protect and keep the skin healthy. Like dermaplaning, this treatment uses a sterile blade to remove the peach fuzz but is light and gentle enough to preserve outer layers of vital skin cells and therefore can be performed as often as weekly to keep your skin smooth, glowey and fuzz free.

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